Assessments & Mitigation

Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA)

Eclipse Ecology are proficient with EcIA. We can assist with the ‘Scoping Stage' as well as preparation of Ecology Chapters for Environmental Statements. An EcIA is designed to provide decision-makers with all the relevant ecological information. Our EcIAs are prepared in line CIEEM’s EcIA Guidance (2018) and summarise the survey methods, results, evaluation, mitigation, and residual impacts of a development on ecological features.

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Eclipse Ecology provides advice for projects that have potential to impact Special Protection Areas (SPAs), Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Ramsar sites. We can provide HRA Screening and Appropriate Assessment reports. Specifically, we have dealt with issues such as habitat loss, air pollution, recreational disturbance, and hydrological effects.

Biodiversity Net Gain

Eclipse Ecology are able to provide Net Gain calculations now requested by many planning authorities.. Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before. Where a development has an impact on biodiversity it encourages developers to provide an increase in appropriate natural habitat and ecological features over and above that being affected.

Ecological Mitigation & Management Plans

Ecological Mitigation and Management Plans (EMMP) specify measures to create and maintain habitats post-construction. EMMPs are usually required as a planning condition and their purpose is to ensure that valuable habitats and species are protected and managed in the long-term. EMMPs usually cover at least the first five years post-construction, with regular reviews to ensure that the management remains relevant.

Protected Species Mitigation Licensing

Licences for developments affecting Protected Species can only be granted by the relevant Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (e.g. Natural England) if the three tests set out in the Habitats Directive are met. We are able to design an appropriate species mitigation strategy and prepare the licence application for you.

BREEAM Assessments

A Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE) is required to complete BREEAM Ecology Assessments. This is often a planning requirement before any development activities can begin on-site. Eclipse Ecology meet BREEAM SQE Criteria and are able to maximise credits for a range of developments, such as residential schemes, schools, industrial and warehouse buildings; retail, health centres and hotels.

Ecological Clerk of Works

We are able to provide ecological supervision of vegetation clearance and roof strips for Method Statements and Mitigation Licences, or for other precautionary reasons.

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Natural England mitigation licence forms
Newt exclusion fencing